The House with Coats of Arms , Chiojdu, Buzau

History lesson from Chiojdu

Where? When? How much does it cost?

The House with Coat of Arms in Chiojdu is located in Buzău county, Chiojdu village, close to the border with Prahova county. Chiojdu is located 80 km from Buzău which can be traveled in 1.5 hours via DN10 / DJ102B / DJ102L / DJ103P or 70 km from Ploiesti which can also be traveled in 1.5 hours via DN1A / DJ102B / DJ102L / Dj103F. From Bucharest it is 130 km to Chiojdu via Ploiești, which can be traveled in 2.5 hours. You can park on the main street of the village, next to the school. The address of the house is DJ103P, street number 245, postal code 127170, behind the school. The House of Coats of Arms is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm, on Sundays from 9 am to 4 pm. The price of the entrance ticket is 10 lei.

About the House of Coats of Arms

The House with Coat of Arms in Chiojdu is a historical monument. The house was built in the 17th – 18th centuries and dates back to the 18th century. It is built in an architectural style that combines the traditional Romanian with the Brancoven one, which can be found on the 10 lei banknote. The House with Coats of Arms was built by the Izbășoi boyars in 1760 and expanded by adding the 3 coats of arms that appear on 2 sides of the building. Today, the house is owned by the Union of Romanian Architects, who restored it between 2013 and 2015 and returned it to the tourist circuit.

1. The Exterior

Casa cu Blazoane is a one-story house with a gazebo on the first floor, built in a large courtyard. It is painted in white and resembles an Olten cul. The coat of arms in the middle represents the double-headed eagle, the symbol of the basileis, the last coat of arms of the Cantacuzini. If you are lucky enough to have Florin Drăgulin as host, the curator of the museum, you will witness an extensive story of the house and a real history lesson about Brâncoveanu, Cantacuzino and beyond. The year 1823 when a renovation took place is inscribed in the beam in the gazebo.

double-headed eagle

House of Coats of Arms

gate of the house

year inscribed in the beam


2. The Interior

On the ground floor, to the right of the facade, there is only one room that can be visited. Here are pictures of the building before, during and after the renovation. Tools from the peasant household are presented in the cellar. On a stone staircase located on the left of the facade, one goes upstairs, in the gazebo. Here opens a hall flanked by 4 rooms. Other objects from the peasant household, folk costumes and carpets are on display. The ceiling is decorated.

popular costumes


household items

household tools

other tools

household items

Final impressions

The House with Coat of Arms is a historical monument. And it is commendable that a kind-hearted man helped to save her and return her to the tourist circuit. On the other hand, I personally cannot name a major reason to visit this house as an individual goal. That’s why I recommend combining this visit with a hike to Trovanții de Chiojdu. You can read more information about Casa cu Blazoane on the following link