The House of Mița the Bicyclist, Bucharest

The Monica Lovinescu Exhibition

Where is it, when is it open, how much does it cost?

Casa Mița Biciclista (The House of Mița the Bicyclist) is located in Bucharest, 1st District, 9 Biserica Amzei Street at the intersection with 11 General Christian Tell Street. It can be visited from Monday to Thursday between 18-24, Friday between 18-02, Saturday between 12-02 and Sunday between 12:00 and 24:00. However, the schedule may vary. In 2023, Casa Mița Biciclista hosted the Monica Lovinescu Exhibition. The exhibition can be visited from Monday to Friday between 18-22, and Saturday and Sunday between 12-22. Last access time is 21:30. An unguided visit costs 30 ron for the full ticket and 15 ron for the reduced ticket, and a guided visit costs 80 ron, with the mention that it takes place at set times and with a limited number of people. The guide takes place daily from 19:00 Monday to Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday from 12, 16, and 19.


1. Casa Mița Biciclista (The House of Mița the Bicyclist)

Casa Mița Biciclista or Casa Teodorescu has become a highly sought-after tourist attraction in the last two years. The architect of the building is Nicolae Mihăescu. The main architectural style is Art Nouveau with elements of Beaux-Arts. The facade of the building is richly ornamented and has balconies with bas-reliefs representing lions and cupids. Casa Mița Biciclista is classified as a historical monument. In winter, the facade of the house is even more spectacular, in addition to the lighting that enhances it, it being decorated specifically for the Christmas holidays. It is the house where a famous character lived who was known as Mița Biciclista (the bicyclist woman), by her real name Maria Mihăescu. Mița Biciclista is the first woman from Bucharest to ride a bicycle. She is known for her extravagant and luxurious life

The House of Mița the Bicyclist

The House of Mița the Bicyclist

The House of Mița the Bicyclist

2. The Monica Lovinescu Exhibition

In 2023 Casa Mița Biciclista hosted the temporary exhibition Monica Lovinescu subtitled The Voice that was given to us. Monica Lovinescu lived between 1923-2008, was born in Bucharest and died in Paris. Monica’s parents were the writer Eugen Lovinescu and Ecaterina Bălăcioiu. Monica Lovinescu was married to Virgil Ierunca.

Monica Lovinescu was a fighter to the death against communism. In exile, in Paris, he was the voice that was listened to by millions of Romanians on the underground radio station Europa Liberă (Free Europe), which openly confronted Nicolae Ceaușescu, the dictatorial president of the Socialist Republic of Romania. Monica Lovinescu was awarded the “Star of Romania” national order. The guide is exceptional. It chronologically presents the life of Monica Lovinescu, divided into relevant periods of time. On a second parallel plane, the History of Time from the period in which Monica Lovinescu lived is presented.

At the end of the visit, you are deeply impressed by the strength and perseverance of this fighter against the communist regime, who kept the flame of hope burning for so many Romanians.

Monica Lovinescu

The special relationship with the mother

truth broadcast by Radio Free Europe

the Immigrants

radiocassette player for listening to Free Europe

XIV Congress of the Romanian Communist Party

History of 1989

Final impressions

Casa Mița Biciclista (The House of Mița the Bicyclist) is an attraction of Bucharest, which is worth seeing at least from the outside, best on a December evening when it is illuminated and decorated.

All the best!