The Aquarium in Constanța

In the way of the walk on the Casino waterfront

The Aquarium in Constanța

Where is the Constanța Aquarium and when is it visited?

Children, adults, who want to see it, direct your steps to the address: Complex Museum of Natural Sciences (CMSN) Constanța, boulevard Regina Elisabeta, number 1. CMSN also includes the dolphinarium, the planetarium and the mini zoo next to them . Arrive at the Constanța Aquarium between 9am and 8pm so you can enter, otherwise reserve your spot and come back. Normally, you allocate about 30 minutes to the visit. The aquarium is located on the seafront next to the port, facing the Casino.

About the Constanta Aquarium

The Constanța Aquarium is another much-visited destination on the Black Sea shore. It opened on May 1, 1958 and is the first public aquarium in Romania. The aquarium is a former restaurant attached to the Casino, if you didn’t know!

1. Through the Aquarium

Visiting the aquarium follows the idea of ​​one way. This is if we take into account that you enter through one side and exit through another, diametrically opposite, located 50 meters further. This is an indication that the aquarium does not occupy a large area, especially if you compare it with what many of you have seen in other countries. It doesn’t even look technological like in other countries, it remained quite anchored in the times with the coat of arms on the tricolor.

Inside, you don’t have to circle in one direction, but you can also spin in place if you want. In the entrance and exit halls there are 2 maps representing the Black Sea. The rather small aquarium aims to present what else but … aquatic fauna and flora. The museum has three sections (I found this on the net, I didn’t realize it on the spot): marine, freshwater and exotic fish.

From the marine section, towards the exit but also in the central basin, you will meet fish from the seas, among which you cannot ignore those with the “ridge on the back”. Sturgeon, sterlet, white sturgeon, black sturgeon. But I didn’t see some of them again on my last visit. They are valuable for their meat and eggs and swim in the Black Sea.

The freshwater section includes freshwater marine animals that frolic in the freshwater ponds and lakes near the Danube. For connoisseurs with and without a fishing rod, say hello to carp, crucian carp, redfish, and catfish.

The exotic fish section is the most attractive in this museum. In small aquariums lined up on the inner circumference of the museum space, you can see how exotic fish and reptiles from America, Africa and Asia swim, rest, eat and hide. By their names he calls them piranha, knife fish, anemone, angel fish, cat, lion fish, xifo, most of them brightly colored.

As far as the enhancement of the lighting method and the information about what is seen is concerned, we still have to learn from others.

sea ​​anemones

map of the Black Sea

the cliff and the sea

the petunias outside the Aquarium





Black Sea

an ugly fish


in the aquarium

a black fish

a strange fish

the angel fish


What child does not like fish and aquariums? Do you think that I came to Constanta every year and did not come to greet my friends who spend their whole lives in the water at the Constanta Aquarium?

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All the best!