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The connection with Father Arsenie Boca


The Şinca Nouă Monastery is located in the town of Şinca Nouă, it is located 9 km from Şinca Veche, on DN73A, towards Zărneşti. From Braşov to the monastery, it is 60 km by road via DN73 and then DN73A. In the town of Şinca Nouă, next to a bridge, a sign directs us to the monastery or the Şinca Nouă Hermitage. We cross the river, turn left. From this point to the Sinca Noua Monastery, there are 4.2 km to go on a forest road through a wild area, apparently forgotten by the world. Along the way, we will meet several signs at the points where the road forks so that we have no way of getting lost. In fact, on the way there are two spectacular branches to the left to two viaducts: the Ilii Bridge and the Black Bridge, towards the Ilii Bridge we even had the curiosity to take a 10-minute walk.

About the Şinca Noua Monastery

The Şinca Noua Monastery was established in 2009, through the efforts of the community and the contribution of the villagers, on the site of an older monastic hearth. Archaeological excavations revealed the walls of the church of the former monastery, dated in the 17th-18th centuries.

1. The buildings of the monastery complex

The monastery has two main bodies of buildings, which do not seem at first sight to look like a church. The main building houses the community of monks who live here and the chapel (church). Another smaller building is the church store. Another building appeared, a new and not yet in use church, which was not there during the 2 previous visits.

new church

place where the candles are sold


Şinca Noua Monastery

2. The church or chapel

The church is as simple as it is impressive. Decorated with church icons and paintings, it had reliquaries with (part of) the relics of Saint Nectarie and the relics of Saint Anastasia Romana located in the two sides. The hermitage bears the patron saint “Sunday of all the Romanian saints” and was founded on the initiative of Dumitru Flocus, the mayor of Sinca Noua, the parish priest Sorin Suciu, and the parishioners. We were to find out that the whole community of new Sincans is very faithful and close to the church.

Here at Sinca Noua Hermitage is also the epitrachil of father Arsenie Boca, proof of father Arsenie’s passing through this place. The epitrachilus is the most important liturgical vestment, worn by the priest and bishop during services, in the form of a scarf whose extremities hang down on the chest. Moreover, Arsenie Boca is officially, by Decision of the Local Council, the protector of Sinca Noua locality, since 2012.


relics of St. Nectarie

relics of St. Anastasia Romana

epitrachylus of Father Boca

in the church

3. Ilia Bridge

The Ilii Bridge viaduct was built of reinforced concrete, between 1906-1908, and was crossed by the Brașov – Făgăraș railway. The train route is currently being modified. The viaduct is about 150 meters long. Nearby, the same former railway line crossed the Black Bridge and then entered the 535 meter long Diana Tunnel.

towards Ilia's Bridge

Ilia's Bridge

me at Ilia's Bridge

Ilia's Bridge

wild flowers

Conclusion and invitation

For those who want to visit a special hermitage, inhabited by a community of gracious monks, isolated and somewhat more difficult to access, I recommend the Şinca Nouă Monastery. Even though it is not very well known, this place is highly appreciated by those who have arrived here. If you are in the area, do not hesitate to visit the city of Brasov.

God help! All the best!