Museum of Senses, Bucharest

Test your senses!

Where? When? How much does it cost?

The Museum of Senses is located at Bulevardul General Paul Teodorescu, no. 4, Bucharest, ZIP code 061346. More to the understanding of many, in AFI Cotroceni Mall, on the 2nd floor. The easiest access with public transport is on the M3 metro line to the Politehnica station located 600 meters away. There are also bus, tram and trolleybus stations located even closer. You can park your car in the Mall parking lot.

The museum is open daily between 10 am and 10 pm. The price of entrance tickets varies not only depending on the adult / child, the age of the child, but also depending on the day of the week, different family package offers or online purchase. It is best to consult the museum website at the link

About the Museum of Senses

The Museum of Senses is a nice, interactive museum where you discover your senses, try to explain your optical illusions, be part of the experiments. Visit the Museum of Senses!


1. The Mirror Maze

This is where you came to participate! The first test is crossing the maze of mirrors, for which you must equip yourself with disposable plastic gloves that you get at the entrance desk. The labyrinth is a chain of honeycombs, with mirrored walls, some walls are missing the mirrors that are actually barriers to progress towards the exit. Once inside the maze corridor, to avoid the bumps, you will use your sense of touch to discover the missing walls that you can pass through. Very nice!

mirror maze

mirror maze

mirror maze

2. RGB Room

Here the sight is put to work, invited to enjoy the colors. In a room, light beams are projected in the direction of which you can intervene to simulate colored shadows of your body parts.

RGB Room

RGB Room

3. The Hall with Mirrors

Special mirrors applied to a hallway deform the bodies of passers-by in a funny or funny way. You can suddenly become very tall, extremely thin or very wide and so on.

Hall with mirrors

Hall with mirrors

Hall with mirrors

4. Optical Illusions

The sector devoted to optical illusions is particularly interesting, a few examples being brought here as a sample. A coffee cup seen from two perspectives has a round ba section, a square ba, a figurine representing some fish is transformed into a mirror into a butterfly figurine. Drawings with lines and circles make you lose focus and even give you the impression that they are moving.

square or round cup?

Fish or butterflies?

5. The infinity Room

The infinity room is actually an assembly of mirrors. Once we enter that room we will find ourselves multiplied in glittering mirrors and we will have a sensation of light or energy penetrating us.

infinity room

6. The infinite Tunnel

It is a room that seems to form a huge, endless hole, like a well. but that’s not all. If you look up you will see the same tunnel continuing upwards. The feeling is that you have arrived in the cosmos or that you are drawn into a black hole, actually illuminated.

infinite tunnel

7. The Ames Room

The Ames Room is painted in black and white stripes and has a slanted floor. This combination is meant to make you feel like you’ve lost your compass.

Ames Room

8. The Bed of Nails

I have described this experiment seen for the first time at the House of Experiments. A bed of nails fixed with the point up descends and rises slightly to the height of the nails. Although many are afraid that if they sit on the bed, the nails will hurt them, in reality all the mass of the body that sits on them is distributed over the huge number of nails mounted at small distances from each other, so that each nail has a load negligible. This explains why the nails don’t pierce the skin, they don’t even puncture it.

bed of nails

9. The Kaleidoscope

You know the toy kaleidoscopes from the 70’s – 90’s? It was about an ocean inside which there are walls of mirrors and several beads that, when rotated, change their position, generating multiple multiplied figures. The kaleidoscope in the museum works on the same principle, but on a large scale, and the figure in the kaleidoscope is us. Thus we will see ourselves multiplied in a spectacular combination of images.


10. Our Nail Shape

On a vertical panel, hundreds of mobile nails are mounted equidistantly, at a short distance, that pierce the panel. On one side of the panel you are invited to stick to it and press yourself into the nails behind you with your head, hands, feet, and whole body. This way you will push the nails to the other side of the panel, where the shape of your body will result from the nails. Very cool!

Nail body shape

Final impressions

The Museum of Senses is interesting for visitors of all ages. Of course the children will be fascinated. I haven’t even described here everything you can discover in this place, so if I’ve piqued your curiosity, visit the Museum of Senses! You can read other information on the museum website at the link

All the best!