Kültürpark Izmir, Turkey

Izmir City Public Park

Where? When?

Address: Mimar Sinan, Şair Eşref Blvd. No.50, 35220 Konak/İzmir. It is open 24/7. Access is free.

About Kültürpark Izmir

Kültürpark is a public park located in the center of İzmir, in the Konak District. It is bordered by Dr. Mustafa Enver Bey boulevard to the north, Bozkurt boulevard to the east, Mürsel Paşa boulevard to the south, and Dr. Refik Saydam and Şair Eşref boulevards to the west. It was established in 1936 under the leadership of Behçet Uz and occupies 42 hectares. On the space where the park is laid out today, the Armenian Quarter was destroyed by the fire of 1922. There are 14 exhibition halls and several conference rooms in the park. The park is a green oasis with over 8,000 trees and 200 plants. The park also houses the Atatürk Open Air Theater, the İsmet İnönü Art Center, the Celal Atik Sports Hall, the Lunapark amusement park, the Skydiving Tower, the Youth Theater, the Museum of Painting and Sculpture, and a marriage office. For sports enthusiasts there are 2 km of running tracks, a swimming pool, a gym and tennis courts. The Izmir International Fair is organized in this park, as well as many other ecological or musical events. It has 4 entrances or kapı, in Turkish.

Further information can be found on the link http://www.kulturparkizmir.org/?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1


1. Lozan Kapısı

I entered through the Lozan gate, located on Șair Erşef Boulevard. There are several means of public transport that reach here. If you are in the Konak District, where there are several tourist attractions, I recommend you to come to the park on foot, on a walk, to the shore of the Aegean Sea, which is less than 700 meters away. Turkish flags fly at the gate.

Kültürpark Izmır

Lozan Gate

2. Izmir fuari

That’s what the park’s alleys are called. At the entrance is an interesting statuary group. On the alleys there are tables where product fairs are organized. On the main avenue are two rows of towering palm trees.

Izmir fuari

alley with palm trees

3. The center of the park

In the center of the park, where the paths coming from the various gates meet, is the place called Kaskali pakok, which means waterfall pool. From here is a perspective to the Parachute Tower, but especially to the Kadifekale Velvet Fortress that can be seen on Mount Pagos. At the end of the palm alley is a monument with inscriptions with signs made in stone.

view towards Kedifakale

The skydiving tower

waterfall pool

the monument

The Monument

4. The trees

I liked the trees in the park. A prominent place is the Magnolia grandiflora, an American magnolia that grows up to 30 meters, has a circular, rich crown in which large magnolia flowers bloom. On the way out I took pictures of lemons and oranges.

lemon tree

orange tree

Magnolia with big flowers


On an afternoon stroll along the Aegean Sea, take a pleasant detour through the Kültürpark.

You can read a guide to Izmir on the link https://mytravel.express/en/ghiduri-mte/travel-guide-izmir-turkey/

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