Greek-Catholic Cathedral Oradea, Bihor

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The address is 3 Iuliu Maniu Street, code 410104. It can be visited daily from 8 am to 7 pm. Access is free.

About the Greek-Catholic Cathedral Oradea

On the site of the present cathedral there was an 18th century church. After the advent of the Greek-Catholic Diocese in Oradea, the present cathedral was built between 1800 and 1810. The Greek-Catholic Cathedral is dedicated to St. Nicholas and is registered as a historical monument. The actual tower’s canopy was erected later. The architectural style is late baroque with neoclassical influences, the construction was carried out at the initiative of Bishop Ignatie Darabant.

1. The Exterior

The construction started by Bishop Darabant was continued and completed by Bishop Samuel Vulcan. Originally the cathedral had a tower similar to the Moon Church, but this was destroyed by fire. The new and current tower shell has been in existence since 1910, the architect being the renowned Rimanoczi Kalman Jr.

Greek Catholic Cathedral

Saint Nicholas Church

2. The Interior

The iconostasis is a highly decorated. The central painting with the theme “Descent from the Cross” is inspired by the work of Rembrandt. Here we find the portraits of Empress Maria Theresa and Emperor Joseph II covered with medallions of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. The entire interior is adorned with gilded objects.

place of worship

decorations and stained glass windows

interior of the church




The Greco-Catholic Cathedral of Oradea attracts the eye from afar as soon as you enter Unirii Square. It is an invitation to visit and enjoy its richness. More information can be found at

A guide to Oradea can be found at

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