Chindia Park Târgoviște, Dâmbovița

The promenade of Târgoviste residents

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Chindia Park in Târgoviște is located on Calea Domnească and has only one entrance. Car access is allowed on the right half of the access gate. Parking is free in a space on the right, next to a restaurant.

The park is open non-stop and access to the park is free. In the park there is also the Zoo, located to the left of the main alley, but also a lake at the opposite end of the entrance.

About Chindia Park

Chindia Park, like the Târgovişte Zoo, has a long history. When ruler Petru Cercel moved the capital to Târgovişte and the Ruler Garden was developed, he set up a royal garden here, the garden being located right behind the Royal Court. The park was laid out in 1970.

1. Alley of the 33 voivods

As soon as you go down to the park, the zoo stretches to the left of the main alley, the one with the busts of the rulers. It is the Alley of the 33 voivods. It was inaugurated in 2006. There are actually 2 parallel lanes between which there is a wide green space. At the entrance to Aleea Voievozilor there is a green space with the name of the city of Targoviste. There are benches on Voivods’ Alley, where you can rest. In the middle of the space you can see the statue of Vlad Tepeş.

Chindia Park

Alley of Voivods

Vlad Tepes

Alley of Voivods

2. The lake

At the end of the main avenues, there is an artificial lake for recreation. Here you can go boating and pedal boating. We can end the pleasant walk in Chindia Park by stopping at a restaurant.


Chindia Park

Chindia Park


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