Brasov Citadel

Above Brașov

Where is it, when is it visited?

Cetătuia Brașov can be found on Dealul Cetății street 5. It is also called Cetătuia de pe Strajă. Up to the citadel there is a path marked with a sign that starts from the mentioned street. The city itself is closed.

History Cetătuia Brașov

  • 15th century – there was a watchtower here
  • 1524 – a wooden bastion with 4 towers was built
  • 1611 – a defense moat was built, with water, around the fortress
  • 1773 – obtained its current form after the renovation ordered by Emperor Joseph II
  • 1787-1792 – the dungeon for prisoners was built
  • 1817 – the gate was built
  • 1916-1918 – it was a place of battle in the First World War
  • 1932 – the fortress was donated to King Charles II
  • 1954 – housed the State Archives
  • 1981 – it was renovated
  • 1989 / 2015 – it was managed by Aro Palace, then by the City Hall, it belongs to the community

1. Climbing through the forest

At the base of Dealul Cetății street, and further along it, on Mihai Eminescu street, where the actual route begins, signposts are installed. We leave the paved road on the slope to tackle the final climb through the forest. The slope is steeper if you approach the climb by shortcuts avoiding the stone-paved switchbacks. I climbed in 5 minutes, but you can consider 10 minutes for a more leisurely pace. The path is 400 meters long and climbs from elevation 607 to 639.

indicator towards the Citadel

climb towards the Citadel

Brasov Citadel

2. The fortress from the outside

The fortress is a medieval defense fortification. It is found on Straja Hill, outside the old citadel of the city of Brașov. The fortress has a rectangular base and an Italian-style bastion at each corner. The central tower is horseshoe-shaped and has 3 floors. The surface of the city is 5,000 square meters. On one side is the Carolinenthor or Caroline Gate. It commemorates the visit of Empress Carolina Augusta of Austria. The fortress is declared a historical monument. The citadel consists of the bastion enclosure and the castle.

Carolina Gate

fortified citadel

central tower

Italian bastion

3. Panorama

On the platform around the fortress there are superb viewpoints. We see the city of Brașov from above, but we also see the neighboring peak. Mount Tâmpa, where the cable car goes up and where the inscription with the name of the city is located.


panorama towards the Black Church

panorama towards Tâmpa Mountain

4. The descent

In another corner of the fortress, I identified a sign with a woodpecker, from where a path starts. I decided to go down this option which leads all the way to the paved street, Mihai Eminescu Street.

woodpecker mark

shortcut descent


Brașov Citadel is one of the most beloved areas of the city, where you can enjoy a beautiful panorama and burn calories with little effort. I also invite you to a hike on Tâmpa Mountain, which you can read about here and here.

Do not hesitate to visit the city of Brașov at your leisure. You can find a guide to Brașov here.

All the best!