The Black Church in Brașov

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The address is Court Johannes Honterus Nr. 2, ZIP code 500025, Brașov. The Black Church is located in the center of Brașov, near the Council Square, from where you can see part of it. It adjoins the Johannes Honterus German High School.



About the Black Church Why is it called that?

The Black Church in Brașov is the Evangelical Lutheran parish church. It is 89 meters long and 38 meters high, making it the largest Gothic building in Southeast Europe. In the bell tower of the church there is a huge 6 ton bell.

Its name comes from the fire of 1689, which partially affected it. Since then, this popular name has taken root, later in the 19th century becoming the official name. In German it is called Schwarze Kirche.

The church was built by the Transylvanian Saxons between 1383 and 1477 on the foundation of another older church. It is dedicated to the Holy Virgin Mary whose patron saint it bears. It was opened in 1542 for the provision of Lutheran divine services in German after the penetration of the Protestant Reformation into Transylvania. A defining role was played by Johannes Honterus, who is buried in the Black Church.

1. The Exterior

The church can be seen very beautifully from such a height, from the area of ​​the Black Tower, the White Tower or from Tâmpa Mountain, but it can also be seen from Piata Sfatului. It is imposing from any angle you approach it.


The Black Church

The Black Church

2. The Carpets

Perhaps paradoxically, many carpets are displayed in the church. The collection counts 110 carpets and is of Byzantine origin from the 15th-16th centuries, when the Turks carried out invading raids in this territory.



the interior of the church

3. The interior

The interior of the church is impressive. I hope the few pictures can reproduce the image and grandeur of the interior of the church.


the interior of the church


4. Statue of Johannes Honterus

Next to the Black Church, outside, on the side facing Honterus National College, there is the Statue of Johannes Honterus.

Johannes Honterus College

Statue of Johannes Honterus

Visit the Black Church!

We look once more, from another angle, at the impressive Black Church. Visit the Black Church!


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