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About Slobozia

Slobozia is the county seat municipality of Ialomita county, located in Muntenia, on the left bank of the Ialomita river and on the hearth of the Romanian fortress Netindava. Slobozia can be reached on DN21 Calarasi – Slobozia – Braila, on DN2A Urziceni – Slobozia – Constanta or on A2 Bucharest – Constanta, which passes 20 km from the city. There are 125 km to Bucharest that can be traveled by road in about 2 hours. Slobozia is located at an average altitude of 20 meters above sea level, it covers 127 square kilometers and has about 50,000 inhabitants, about 90% of whom are Orthodox Romanians.

In the city of Slobozia there was a Tourist Info Center, but its activity has ceased, in the respective “mushroom” another institution is now carrying out its activity. This speaks for itself about the tourist promotion of the city.

the former tourist information center

Route Map

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1. The Brim

Next to the “mushroom” is a unique historical monument, a brim. There is actually a fountain coil, carved in Nedelcovici aron stone, dated from 1853, originally located in Balaciu commune.

the brim

2. The wooden church “St. Nicolae”

There are two wrong directions on Google Maps. The wooden church is now in the place marked on the Google map with the Info Center, which no longer exists. More precisely, at the main entrance in the west of the city, where bd. Matei Basarab, next to a small park. The church is being restored and is of the Orthodox rite. It is also called the “Poiana” wooden church. It bears the patron of St. Nicholas and the Annunciation. It is a historical monument. The first documentary attestation is from 1737 on the stone slab in the porch. The icons and doors are from the 18th-19th centuries.

The wooden church

3. National Museum of Agriculture

Address: bd. Matei Basarab 10

Visiting hours: Saturday and Sunday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., from Tuesday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The National Museum of Agriculture holds a fund of objects and documents obtained from Fundata, Cornateanu, Seceleanu, Pana, Stoianovici donations and presents collections of fire extinguishers, vintage photography, horology, metrology, fabrics, glass, agricultural tools and machines, ceramics, viticulture, popular wear parts and others. Interesting, isn’t it? And almost unknown… It was opened in 1996.

Then we headed almost 1.3 km to the park. Talking to a local about the city’s tourist attractions, he said that when he goes out with his family to the park, he says he goes to church, because … there is also a cathedral in the park.

National Museum of Agriculture

4. The Great Park / Cathedral of the Ascension / Heroes’ Monument

The address is Chimiei boulevard, no. 11.

Once the city of Slobozia was called the greenest city in Baragan. A role was played by the Great Park, which is also called the Youth Park. It is an old park of over 50 years. It occupies 26 hectares.

At the end of the main promenade in the park is the Heroes’ Monument. It is dedicated to the fallen heroes in the First World War. The monument depicts an unknown soldier, and next to the inscription on the plinth is the face of Colonel Ion Popescu from the 79th Slobozia Infantry Regiment.

The Episcopal Cathedral has been located on the edge of the Great Park since 1992. In 2004, he received the patronage “”The Ascension””. The interior is painted in neo-Byzantine style with Romanian influences.

Youth Park

Great Park

Monument to the Unknown Hero

Youth Park

Orthodox Cathedral of the Ascension

Impressions, conclusions

The city of Slobozia lacks tourist attractions. The only more interesting objective is the Museum of Agriculture, which is also appreciated in Google evaluations.

All the best!