Tourist guide Mioveni, Argeș

Evening walk in Mioveni

About Mioveni

Mioveni is known as “the seat of the Dacia factory”. It is located in Argeș county, a city originally called Colibasi, but which grew alongside the autochthonous auto industry. It is located 15 km NE of Pitesti, accessible via DN73 and DN73D.

Route Map

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1. The Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul

We start the walk from the Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul – imposing and spectacular. It is located in the civic center of the city, on Dacia Boulevard.

We will walk on Dacia Boulevard. Some benches with umbrellas are occupied in the evening by young people or by those who want to serve something outdoors. A little further to the left of this main artery of the city, you will find the city stadium. In the block area, the boulevard has 2 lanes at the beginning and is lit, then houses follow and the road has only one lane in each direction. The city looks like a classical one raised in socialism.

Orthodox Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul


Orthodox Cathedral

city stadium

We pass a beautiful troita (trinity) and a fountain, a spring with drinking water.

2. Professor Constantin Năstase Ethnographic Museum

In the first intersection with a roundabout, a kind of Y intersection, follow the right side for 100 meters and reach Cula Racoviță. Cula belonged to the nobleman Racoviceanu. It was built in 1806, it is high, with one floor, solid, simple, built for the purpose of defense against foreign outlaws and predators. Today it hosts the Professor Constantin Năstase Ethnographic Museum, which presents about 1,200 exhibits from all areas of the country. In the courtyard of the museum there is the huge wooden spoon, registered in the Guinness Book of Records, measuring 17.79 m long and 1.50 m maximum width. It was made in 14 days by the popular craftsmen Ion and Gheorghe Rodos. The spoon is decorated with popular traditional motifs and the city logo.

bd. Dacia


Cula Rakovita


Mioveni is a city that appeared once with the car industry in the area and is dependent on it. Also visit the city of Pitesti, the county seat municipality.

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