The Pyramids of Valea Stăncioiului, Cozia Mountains

Spectacular geological phenomenon a stone’s throw from Râmnicu Vâlcea


The Pyramids in Valea Stăncioiu are located 6 km from the center of Râmnicu Vâlcea, on the edge of the Goranu neighborhood, on the Stăncioiu stream. I attached this article to the “Cozia Mountains” chapter, deliberately, although the location of the objective is in the Vâlcei Subcarpathians. Being so close to the Cozia Mountains, and because the place is little known, I made this intentional error, so that those who come to Cozia will also detour here.

If you are coming from the center of the city, follow Tudor Vladimirescu Blvd., cross the recently built double crossing over the railway and the Olt River and reach the roundabout on the belt leading to Sibiu. From here follow the “European” for 100 meters to the first intersection where you turn right towards Goranu. The road is called DJ703F. The road has many curves and branches, so you can set the goal on waze. This will take you to the right again on Islazului street, which goes up a hill. The asphalt ends at the penultimate house on the narrow street. From here you can continue by car on the dirt road for another 300 meters. Get out of the car! What do we meet here?

About the Pyramids in Valea Stăncioiului

The Pyramids in Valea Stăncioiului are a geological phenomenon. They occupy an area of ​​12 hectares and are more than those that can be seen from the mentioned clearing. Those that cannot be seen from the clearing are located to the right of the visible ones, on the same valley. The hill where they were formed is called Cornetu, and the place is known among the locals as “La Ciuroaie”. The villager I spoke with also knew the name “the pyramids of Valea Stancioiului”, he even corrected me that I slightly misrepresented the name of the valley. The pyramids were formed from sedimentary rocks, sand, clay, gravel strongly eroded by water and air.

Route Map

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1. The first date

In the image attached above, read “access prohibited”! This expression is quite unclear. Is it about access by car? Would it make sense, although from here you need a 4×4 or ATV or bicycle, to talk about “prohibited hiking”? It’s more difficult for me to accept this, although at a simple reading, without the above interpretations, this is what it means. Or maybe give a fee or is it an insinuation of pay. I leave the controversy aside. In front of us somewhere at a distance of a kilometer straight ahead, towards the valley, we can see some spectacular geological formations that bring images from the Grand Canyon (miniature) or from Râpa Roșie near Sebeș (AB).

protected area

Pyramids in Valea Stăncioiului

2. At the base of the pyramids

You can go down to the base of the pyramids by following the dirt road and then right or even directly in their direction. Let it be said from the clearing, next to the indicator, the perspective on the “pyramids” is a very good one and looks spectacular.


Pyramids in Valea Stăncioiului

Pyramids in Valea Stăncioiului

Conclusion / Invitation

Visit the Pyramids in Valea Stăncioiului if you want to deviate a little from the busy road. It is also worth it for a 15-minute stop in the fresh air, in which you can gaze at the hill eroded by the weather.

All the best!