Făgăraș Ridge 5/5 – Făgăraș Mountains

Luțele-Comisu area (2050) – Lerescu Peak (1690) – Rudărița Canton (1100)

Continue from here (Viștea Mare Refuge – Luțele-Comisu area).

This is Făgăraș-Ridge 5/5 – the last stage of the “full ridge” route of the Făgăraș Mountains. It was an adventurous hike with a descent at night through the forest and through raspberry bushes. God, how beautiful was the expedition of the entire Făgăraș ridge!

Route Map

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Technical Box

Difficulty: easy

Duration / distance: 3 – 4 hours / 10 km

Marking: red lane, partially unmarked short cut towards Rudarita

Water sources: in the ridge in the Comisu area and on the last valley (points 2 and 7 on the map)

Minimum altitude: 1100 meters above sea level, in the canton of Rudarita

Maximum altitude: 2050 m above sea level, at departure

Difference in level: +20 m / -1000 m

Remarks: accessible all year round, raspberries on honor

1. Luțele-Comisu area (2,050 m) – Comisu Saddle (1,669 m) – Lerescu Peak (1,690 m)

1 – 1.5 hours / 3.5 km / red lane / easy

Around 2 am I hear raindrops on the tent. After the last sunset, I would not have expected it. But, that’s how it is in the mountains, I told myself! Around 3 o’clock the rain intensifies. I hear movement in the neighboring tent, I can’t sleep anymore. I hear footsteps. Suddenly someone suddenly opens the zipper of my tent. He was Serbian! Dane, get up, let’s pack up and start, I don’t like how we’re sitting here and we don’t know what’s up with this rain! Okay! Hooray, inside me, I’m having a night adventure! I quickly tightened the tent like this in a rush. With the frontal flashlights on, with our capes on and our rucksacks covered, we went downhill. The route descends through an alpine gap and passes by the Comisu peak (1,883 m above sea level), then we leave a blue triangular marker on the left towards Sebes, we pass through the Comisu saddle, on the edge of the forest at night. The rain stopped, so ha ha ha! It’s alive! We are on the peak of Lerescu (1,690 meters above sea level).

Făgăraș Ridge

through night and rain

Lerescu peak

2. Lerescu Peak (1,690 m) – Lerescu Saddle (1,369 m) – Rudărița Canton (1,100 m)

2 – 2.5 hours / 6 km / red lane, partly unmarked / easy

At the top of Lerescu there is a small clearing before we enter deep into the forest. On the right you can see the lights from the Pecineagu lake dam, which was permanently in the valley to our right. The river Dâmbovița originates from there. From now on we are entering the forest, it is not yet daylight. We often make sounds, whistles, so that wild animals can hear us and not get in our way. They usually see theirs, but since at that time they are not used to meeting hikers either, it was good to know from time to time.

We reach a bifurcation, in the Lerescu Saddle (1,369 m). From here, the marked route continues on the right option, but it goes down, up and down again, and the left option, unmarked, but well known by Serban, takes us on a forest tractor road in the valley of a pond – the source of water – in other words, we have only to go down with the disadvantage that we could run into mud, who knows? What were we doing at 6 o’clock after a few hours of walking at night partially through the forest? What? I don’t want to make you hungry, but I was picking raspberries and then blackberries, with water droplets on them from the overnight rain. So eco breakfast, yes! It is true that the bear could also enjoy it, but as I wrote, if we respect it, then it respects us too!

The morning makes its way. Peaks rise from the white sea of ​​fog. The road was not that muddy. God, how many forests are cut down here! The forest tractor road led us to a stream, which contained some iron, according to its color, the stream then flows into another bigger one, the road widened, becoming a wider forest. From the right came the marked path with which we met again, a good sign, and lo and behold, we arrived at the Rudărița canton (1,100 mdsm), the terminus of the tour, where, thanks to Serban, someone was waiting for us for the last 9 km as far as there was to cross the Barsa Grosetului valley to the Plaiul Foii cabin, known to many and where you can reach it on asphalt. 3 km before Plaiul Foii is a spring, useful for those who start in the opposite direction.

we enter the forest at night

path through raspberry

blanket of fog


forest tractor road

spring with iron content

road to Rudarita

Rudărita Canton


Făgăraș-Ridge 5/5 represents the exit stage from the crest of the Făgăraș Mountains, in the Rudărița-Plaiul Foii area from where many spectacular trails start to the Piatra Craiului Mountains. It was an easy but adrenaline-fuelled final stage, due to its passage partly at night and through the forest.

All the best!