Baiul Mare Peak – Sinaia, Baiului Mountains

Baiul Mare Peak (1895) – below Piscul Câinelui Peak (1645) – Piscul Câinelui Hut (1000) – Sinaia (800)

Exiting the route

Since this route is the continuation of the Azuga – Baiul Mare route in which I described the access to Azuga, now I present you the way out of this route, which is via Piscul Câinelui street in the city of Sinaia. This street leads us over the railway lines after 300 meters into Calea Prahovai, a main traffic artery on which the train station is also located. It is 66 km to Ploiești, and 50 km to Brașov that can be traveled on DN1 in one hour to both destinations. Sinaia train station is 1.5 km away. It is 138 km to Bucharest.

Route Map

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Technical Box

Difficulty: medium

Duration / distance: 3.5 hours / 12 km

Marking: red strip up to the branch from Piscul Cainelui, then blue dot on Culmea Cainelui

Water sources: there are none

Minimum altitude: 800 meters above sea level, at the end of the route in Sinaia

Maximum altitude: 1895 meters above sea level, at the start, on Baiul Mare Peak

Difference in level: +100 m / -1200 m

Remarks: accessible all year round, I recommend this direction of the route

1. Baiul Mare Peak (1,895 m)

Let’s once again admire the panorama of the Bucegi Mountains from Baiul Mare Peak (1895 m above sea level), but also the plateau of the Baiul Mountains. In Bucegi we admire from south to north the peaks of Vânturiș, Vârful cu Dor, Furnica, Jepii Mari, Jepii Mici, Caraiman, Coștila and Omu. The Baiului Mountains are separated from the Bucegi Mountains by the deep Prahova Valley.

Baiul Mare Peak

spectacle of the clouds

2. Baiul Mare Peak (1895 m) – below Drăganu Peak (1771 m)

0.5 hours / 2 km / red band / easy

From now on we only have to go down. The wide path on the ridge will intersect in the first saddle with the 4×4 road that held the level curve. As long as we are on the plateau, at the top, we always have the option to follow the off-road route (summer route) or to mathematically traverse the ridge, peak after peak (winter route). If on Baiul Mare we decided to climb the peak, because it was the maximum altitude of our route in this mountainous massif, we bypassed the other peaks on the level curve. At one point we go around Draganu Peak to the left, with a rather wide loop, we don’t have to be impatient, because we will return after the peak on the initial N-S direction.


See you, Baiul Mare!

From Baiul Mare to Piscul Cainelui

Lights and shadows

3. Under Vârful Drăganu (1771 m) – under Vârful Piscul Câinelui (1645 m)

1 hour / 3 km / red band / easy

Along the entire route we admire the Bucegii, try to see the towns at their foothills on the Prahova Valley or look on the plateau or towards the Doftanei Valley, on our left. We didn’t even forget to look back towards Baiul Mare Peak. In front, towards the south, the ridge slowly loses altitude, even the Piscul Cainelui Peak, which seems quite high on the horizon, is already more than 200 m lower than Baiul Mare. The plateau is sunny and friendly, but in the valleys the fog continues to play freely. There is also a blue dot marking, although according to the maps it should only be found on the Dog’s Leg. We enter Piscul Cainelui whose peak measures 1650 m altitude. We will not climb to the top, although many climb it for the perspective it offers. We will take the half-right branch that bypasses it on the level curve after we first left the level curve on the left that bypasses it on the other side, but which continues towards Posada or Secaria on the red lane. In the fog it is hard to see the short branch.

the fog game

a mark ... lost

Piscul Cainelui and the shortcut on the level curve (the one on the right)

view from Piscul Cainelui towards Baiul Mare

4. Under Piscul Câinelui Peak (1645 m) – Culmea Câinelui (Dog’s Foot) – Piscul Câinelui Hut (1,000 m)

2 hours / 5 km / blue point / medium

We thus enter Piciorul Cainelui, a long deforested ridge, the longest mountain leg that descends from east to west towards Sinaia. From it we said goodbye to Vârful Baiul Mare and its western roars. Both on the left and on the right side of the foot there is a barn, the one on the left being a large one, clearly visible from the blue dot path we are going down. The score keeps getting better. If we look closely, we can see the roofs of the city of Sinaia under the white cloud in the valley, and in the background the steep Prahovean (eastern) Bucegilor. Cainelui summit loses appreciable altitude and near the forest offers us the pleasure of walking on a carpet of larch needles from the only conifers that lose their “leaves”. After 1 hour from the branch, we enter the first mixed, then deciduous forest. The path is completely covered by rusty leaves, but we cannot miss the route because we are now on the best marked segment of it.

It’s a pity that where more markings were really needed, they were missing, an impediment that becomes serious in thick fog. The last kilometers of the descent are quite steep and require the brakes of everyone. In this second part of the day, we met many more tourists than in the first, a sign that the route Sinaia – Piscul Cainelui – Baiului Mare is used by many people going back and forth. Especially because of this piece of road, I recommend following the route in the loop I described, thus avoiding a difficult climb, difficult in places at the beginning and quite long. If you go uphill on this route, add about 1 hour to my time.

Sinaia can be seen under the clouds

Piciorul Câinelui (Dog's Foot)

Piciorul Câinelui (Dog's Foot)

larch needles

larch needles covered the path

we went down through the forest

5. Piscul Câinelui Hut (1000 m) – Sinaia (800 m)

0.5 hours / 1.5 km / blue dot / easy

We pass the former Piscul Cainelui Cabin, now private property. From here begins a paved car road, with a parapet in places that descends in quick serpentines. The access from the paved road to here is prohibited for car traffic. In the courtyard of the former cottage I also saw 2 cannons, which I don’t know how it is allowed to be in someone’s property, but it is clear that not everyone is this owner. We reach the asphalt, on Piscul Cainelui street in Sinaia, where we parked one of the 2 cars with which we organized the logistics of this route with different entry and exit points.

the former Piscul Cainelui Cabin

the barrier on Piscul Cainelui street

Bucegi Mountains in the evening

End of trip reviews

For us, the descent, especially the steep one at the end, was slower. I’m glad that the darkness didn’t catch us on the route, even though we were equipped with flashlights/headlamps, just as I’m also glad that it didn’t rain even though we were equipped for this possibility, because in the mountains “never say never” it concerns the sudden change in weather conditions. On an autumn Sunday we traveled a “winter” route, with beautiful landscapes, good weather and we were happy to be above the clouds for several hours.

The Azuga – Baiul Mare Peak – Sinaia route is overall an easy one, maybe medium just because of the length, but without any technical obstacle. Without water sources and with the exception of the last descent, through a completely uncovered area. It offers very wide perspectives, on clear days you can see the Grohotis, Ciucas and even Vrancei Mountains, in addition to Bucegi, Postavaru, Magura Codlei, Piatra Mare, Garbova, which also accompanied our eyes.

All the best!